Love Or Jealousy At First Sight??

Love Or Jealousy At First Sight??

I was 18 young and cold-hearted on the outside but deep down like all other teenage girls even I wished to be loved. It was a Sunday evening, exams were over so I was desperately waiting to visit my favorite place: a place where I often went in search of peace.

They love comics on the wall, the small wooden coffee tables, the cute little bean bags, the soft music, the light-colored walls, the humble staff, and the sweet aroma of coffee were the only things I could think about. When I reached it I was astonished to see a horde waiting outside the cafe. My anxiousness made me jump from the bike and interrogate the manager about the situation, luckily it was nothing but a powercut…

I had no choice other than to wait and cursing myself for coming alone. I soon started frisking around. And there I saw a guy arriving on his bike wearing a red t-shirt and black tracks, with a gym bag on his shoulders, tall, fair, and handsome. I was bewitched by his charm. No sooner did I notice a girl from the crowd calling his name and walking towards him. The smile on his face made it very obvious that it was none other than his girlfriend…

Seeing them together made me feel low, waiting there any longer was next to impossible so I just drove back home. He was a complete stranger, I knew nothing about him, but then too seeing him with a girl made me feel like I had a pit in my stomach…All of a sudden I had lost my appetite and getting sleep was even harder...And there it was the brain and the heart clash…My brain stopped me as he was with someone but my heart wanted to talk to him, to get to know him...

There were a lot of questions going on inside me but the question which kept me awake for several nights was-“Was it Jealousy or Love at first sight?”


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