“The greatest feeling is to love and be loved.” (assume you heard it here first)
At "Clevenard", we could not have agreed more. We believe nothing beats love. Not money, not fame, nor beauty.

Have you been looking for someone to have a romantic relationship with or do you want someone to go on a date with?

"CLEVENARD MEETING POINT is an online dating platform specially created for people to find love and an exciting relationship. It's a love hub where friendship can develop into romantic or sexual relationships, have fun, attend events and meet people at meetups, clubs, and conferences.

We pride ourselves on attracting fun and single parties. It's a fun and exciting way for you to find out exactly how our club, events and conferences, and entertainments work.

No matter what frustrations you’ve experienced in the past, our team here at “CLEVENARD MEETING POINT” will make dating enjoyable again.

Our missions are to:
Help people meet their goals for love, romance, friendship, and sheer thrill and fun of it. Ant to be the dating social platform and entertainment professional that brings smiles to faces and colors to lives. And to provide the ground for opportunity people need to live out their fantasies.

Extra benefits are available for our paid uses on "Clevenard" list giving below.

Stylish Blogs
Let users freely express themselves and connect with new people with blogs.

Classified allows users to advertise their personal goods to sell and actively engage with other users.

Users can create & manage their events where other users can join in for the special happening.

Users can create and explore numerous groups according to their interests to interact with others.

Delightful Gifts
Users can express themselves by sending and receiving lovely gifts too and from other users.

Users can upload music of their choice and can also explore listening to music from other users.

It is important to fill in the data form to enable our search matchmaking software to have adequate details or information of your intended dating partner to enhance business opportunities.