It has almost been a month of Keshav and Raaga being together. Raaga always had genuine feelings for Keshav whereas Keshav had untold feelings for Raaga. They were an ironic couple.

Raaga decided to do some shopping for her family before leaving to her hometown, she requested Keshav to join with her as she was new to the place. It was her first outing all alone with Keshav. Raaga was on cloud nine as soon as he accepted her request; he decided to go on a shopping with her.

As usual Raaga took a metro from her place and reached her meeting stop, where they had a coincidental meet of Raaga coming from the left side and Keshav from the right side. Raaga showed all her happy expressions through her eyes. She was so cool with her blue t-shirt and jogger on that day and a coincidence in their dressing also happened, he was dressed with a blue shirt and light blue jeans looking stunning that took away Raaga’s eyes. Raaga was feeling so hungry as soon as she got down, with a babyish face she asked Keshav to take her to some cafe, he immediately fell for her look and took her to a nearby food court, they served themselves with chole kulcha and samosa ragada.

Once, after their food they took a long walk towards the shopping streets where Raaga purchased a lot of stuffs for her family. After her shopping they decided to go to Hussain sagar lake where they had quality time together, it was the best day of Raaga’s life..They came to know a lot about each other on that day.

The evening breeze was driving them to a romantic state; before they could express their feelings the rain started pouring down. Raaga took her small umbrella immediately and they managed to go together in that. It was a beautiful feel where her hand was inside his, their eyes met at a shorter distance, the unknown feelings started reciprocating slowly. It was so romantic where she was partially drenched in the rain and he was admiring her.

Once after the rain stopped they decided to leave back to their respective places. They again planned to take a metro, at the metro station they took opposite directions to take their metros, they shook hands before leaving, it was hard for them to part each other but they had move unfortunately. They saw each other once standing opposite while waiting for their metros. The breezy climate took their moods to a romantic feel; it was once again a romantic evening with untold feelings.

(To be continued….)