Metro Love 1

Metro Love 1

Raaga was on her first day to office travelling in metro from Hitech city to Miyapur. This was her first time to Hyderabad. Raaga was a brave girl who could manage things on her own. Though it was her first time to Hyderabad, she managed to take care of herself.

She’s a flaunting beauty in her own way, a dusky, charming, extrovert who makes easily with people. People love to be around her. She could draw anyone’s attention with her jovial childish attitude. On her first day to office she was wearing a black kurti with blue leggings and a loosely tied hair; she was amazing without any makeup.

As it was 8.30 in the morning the metro was so crowded that she couldn’t afford herself a place to sit. Holding the string of metro she was looking at the stops, suddenly a smart guy with white shirt and blue jean got into the metro drawing Raaga’s attention. He was a fair looking simple guy named Keshav. Keshav unlike Raaga is an introvert.

Raaga without knowing where to get down asked Keshav about the stopping. Once the stop arrived both went in different directions to meet in the same place. Fortunately or unfortunately both of them were working for the same company. As soon as they both saw each other at the conference hall a small smile struck their lips. Once everything was done, they came to know each other as they were also put together in the same team.

“Hi, I’m Keshav!” He introduced himself to everyone.
“Hi, I’m Raaga!” She introduced herself.

The unknown journey of two hearts began at that time. Days passed by Raaga drew everyone’s attention through her jovial attitude, but it was Keshav who drew Raaga’s attention through his introvert attitude. Keshav usually isolates himself from the crowd, he likes to sit in a corner during free times with his hot cup of tea and some good music. Somehow Raaga was attracted towards Keshav.

Slowly, she initiated the conversation with Keshav during their breaks. A week passed by they both started becoming friends. Both used to travel together in the same metro, he used to get down earlier before her stop. This metro travel continued for a week.

Raaga was curious about roaming places; she planned for an outing with friends on a Sunday after a month of office. Shriya, Ravi, Keshav, Priyanka and Raaga went on an outing to a themed cafe, once done with their coffee and snack all parted to their homes. Raaga wanted to fill the day with some more explorations; unfortunately no one was ready to accompany her as everyone were entitled with their work. She wished at least Keshav would accompany her, but to her unfortunate he couldn’t help her. She made her mind to get back home, she took her usual metro after everyone left.

On reaching her stop she found Keshav waiting for her at her stopping. She was surprised to see Keshav there, he told that he sensed the disappointment in her eyes so; he planned to take her to a beautiful spot. She was overwhelmed to hear this from Keshav. They immediately took another metro. The metro was overcrowded, they had to stand, both were standing opposite facing each other. Raaga was on a cool frock hair tangled, Keshav on the other side was with his shorts and his flip flop looking cool. In the crowd between the rush and push, their hands tangled with each others. She came close to him, he slowly caught hold of her waist as the crowd pushed, he was protecting her by covering her around her arms. The cold feel and the mild music in the metro carried their feelings for each other.

A platonic untold love story opened. The journey started in a metro without knowing each other to know each other’s silence.

(To be continued…..)