Love defines no gender

Love defines no gender

So how do I start off with this now, I have no idea. Innumerable emotions filling inside me but all of them directs towards you.
Should we start love?

The first time I laid eyes on you on this very day 1 year back, walking slowly towards me.

I was so nervous and speechless that how could ever a girl like you be my girl.

The first eye contact of ours. I still remember, it seemed like everything stopped for a while.

All I could see was that mesmerizing smile that blew away my mind till u slowly tapped me just to get me believe that whatever happened was all real.

The beautiful elegant girl standing in front of me was my girlfriend and I still couldn’t believe it.

The time when your soft lips touched mine I felt what love feels like…

Our lips seemed to be working in their own magical way dancing along with our tongue.

The way you kissed me made me forget everything all around me and just feel the love you were pouring within me.

And then your touch on my bare skin, it felt like you were making a sculpture on my body using your magical fingers roaming all over my body…

The way your lips felt, was something I could never forget…you made me feel like I am the only thing you want to savor your whole life.

The tingling sensation inside my belly was craving for you.
And when your fingers touched me I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

You didn’t just fill me within you but also devoured my soul, our souls met that day my love…
Thank you for loving me with all you have and making me feel like the most loved girl.