Special Guest of Honour, Nigeria Ambassador’

  1. His Excellency, Dr. Ahmed Musa Ibeto,
  2. The Governor Elect of Ekiti State,His Excellency,
  3. Dr, Olukayode John Fayemi
  4. Guest of Honour, The Honorable Consular General
  5. Mr Godwin Adama,
  6. Nigeria Union President,MrO. Adetola,
  7. Ohaneze Chairman& APCS BOT Chairman, Chief Chucks Okoye.

EgbeOmo Yoruba and AYIDSA
Members of the Nigerian Community
Our Special Guests,
Gentlemen of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this epoch making event to celebrate Ekiti State sons and daughters.Ekiti state of Nigeria is known as Fountain of Knowledge because of the level of educational attainment of sons and daughters of Ekiti .

Ekiti state is a state in South West of Nigeria, which was carved out from the oldOndo state and created on 1st of October 1996 along with five other states. Ekiti state has an area of 6,384 km2 with a population of about 2,384,212 according to 2004 population estimate. There are about 131 towns in Ekiti state. Ado Ekiti is the capital of Ekiti state.

The state, on creation, took off with sixteen (16) Local Government (LGAs). Ekiti state is one of the Yoruba in Nigeria. Ekiti as a nation and districts of Yoruba race had her progeny in Oduduwa, the father and progenitor of Yoruba race. Just like every major sub-ethnic division in Yoruba land. Ekiti has her origin from Ile-Ife (the cradle land of Yorubaland). The Olofin, one of the sons of the Oduduwa had sixteen (16) children and in the means of searching for the new land to develop, they all journeyed out of Ile-Ife. Fourteen (14) out of the sixteen children of Olofin continued with the journey and later settled in the present day Ekiti land. They discovered that there were many hills in the place and they said in their mother's language that this is 'Ile olokiti' the land of hills. Therefore the Okiti later blended to Ekiti. So Ekiti derived her name through hills.

These are direct children and founder of Ekiti land,

1. Alara of Aramoko
2. Alaaye of EfonAlaaye Kingdom
3. Ajero of Ijero Kingdom
4. Arinjale of Ise
5. Ewi of Ado
6. Elekole of Ikole
7. Ogoga of Ikere
8. Atta of Ayede-ekiti
9. Elemure of Emure
10. Oloye of Oye
11. Olojudo of Ido
12. Onire of Ire
13. Onitaji of Itaji
14. Onisan of Isan
15. Oore of OtunMoba
16. Owatapa of Itapa
17. Orangun of Ila-Orangun
18. Owa -obokun of Ijeshaland
19. Ologotun of Ogotun

Local Government Areas:

Ekiti State has 16 Local Government Areas. They are:

  1. Ado-Ekiti
  2. Oye
  3. Aiyekire (Gbonyin)
  4. Efon
  5. Ekiti East
  6. Ekiti South-West
  7. Ekiti West
  8. Emure
  9. Iddo-Osi
  10. Ijero
  11. Ikere
  12. Ikole
  13. Ilejemeje
  14. Irepodun/Ifelodun
  15. Ise/Orun
  16. Moba

Ekitit state slogan is ‘Fountain of Knowledge‘ Ekiti State is reputed to have produced the highest number of professors in Nigeria. Several pioneer academics in vari ous fields of Medicine, Engineering, Geology, Sciences and humanitiesare from the Ekitistate. Pioneers like Profs Osuntokun a renown Medical Doctor and former Chief Medical Director of Nigeria First Teaching Hospital, University College Hospital, (UCH), Ibadan.AdegokeOlubummo(One of the 1st Nigerian Professors in the field of Mathematics), EkundayoAdeyinkaAdeyemi(1st Professor of Architecture inNigeria and Sub- Sahara African.). Others include renowned academics like Profs J.F. Ade-Ajayi, NiyiOsundare, Sam Aluko and others too many to mention. Chief AfeBabalola is a renowned Lawyer in Nigeria, one of the first Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) and Founder of one of the best Private University in Nigeria, Prof. SegunAdegoke a renonwned Geologist of International repute. Ekiti produced the youngest PhD in mathematics holder in Africa, Dr Hallowed OluwadaraOlaoluwa at the age 24 years, The first PhD holder in Acoustic Trauma and Noise Induced hearing loss in Nigeria and Sub Sahara Africa is an Ekiti Son. Ekitialso produced the first Female Professor of Yoruba in the world Olori Professor (Mrs) OmotayoOlutoye. Professor OluwafemiAjisafe, First Professor of Physical Education in Nigeria, Prof KoladeAdeyoju First Nigerian Professor of Forestry,

The State is mainly an upland zone, rising over 250 meters above sea level. It lies on an area underlain by metamorphic rock. It is generally undulating sate with a characteristic landscape that consists of old plains broken by step-sided out-crops that may occur singularly or in groups or ridges. Such rocks out-crops exist mainly at Aramoko, Efon-Alaaye, Ikere-Ekiti,Igbara-odo- ekiti and Okemesi-Ekiti. The State is dotted with rugged hills, notable ones being Ikere-Ekiti Hills in the south, Efon-Alaaye Hills on the western boundary and Ado-Ekiti Hills in the centre.


The State enjoys tropical climate with two distinct seasons. These are the rainy season (April–October) and the dry season (November–March). Temperature ranges between 21° and 28 °C with high humidity. Tropical forest exists in the south, while savannah occupies the northern peripheries of the state.

The land of Ekiti is buoyant in agricultural resources with cocoa as its leading cash crop. It was largely known that Ekiti land constituted well over 40% of the cocoa products of the famous old Western Region. The land is also known for its forest resources, notably timber. Because of the favorable climatic conditions, the land enjoys luxuriant vegetation, thus, it has abundant resources of different species of timber. Food crops like yam, cassava, and also grains like rice and maize are grown in large qualities. Other notable crops like kola nut and varieties of fruits are also cultivated in commercial quantities.


Ekiti state is endowed with natural resources and rich in mineral deposits which includes, granite, Kaolinite, Columbite, channockite, Iron ore, baryte, aquamine, gemstone, phosphate, limestone gold and among others.

Ekiti state is blessed with minerals resources in the following towns:

  • IsanEkiti: Clay Kaolin
  • IjeroEkiti: Columbite, Tin ore and Cassiterite
  • IdoEkiti: Bauxite (Aluminium Ore)
  • IkereEkiti: Granite

IkogosiEkiti: This is tourist attraction town where hot and cold water meet, with well furnished hotel accommodation for National and International tourism and holiday resort.Ekiti is a land of great opportunities for economic investment in natural, human and mineral resources. The state is peaceful through all year round of economic activities with conducive environment in the state.

Ekiti Leadership in Focus.

The EkitiParapo South Africa Diaspora Chapter heartily seize this opportunity to recognize the work and efforts of past leaders such as Arch Alade, Chief DejiFasuan,Obas and Prominent sons and daughters of Ekiti state for giving Ekiti state a blue print of long developmental plan upon which past Governors have been building since the creation of the state in 1996. The Governors of the state have done their best to put Ekiti state as one of the best growing and developing economy in Nigeria. We recognize the pioneer work of the first Military Governor ofEkiti State, Col Mohammed Bawa, Navy Captain Ayanda Yusuf, The first Democratically elected Governor,OtunbaNiyi Adebayo, MrAyodeleFayose, Chief Friday Aderemi, Rtd, (Col) TunjiOlurin, Hon. Tope Ademiluyi ,Chief (Engr) Segun Oni, Dr. Olukayode John Fayemi and present Governor MrAyodeleFayose whose term would end on 16thOctober 2018. All the past Governors did their best to develop Ekiti State as economically viable continuous state of reckoning in the field of Education, Agriculture and socioeconomic growth in Nigeria.

On behalf of the EkitiKete South Africa, Diaspora chapter, today, congratulate theEkiti State Governor elect,DrOlukayode John Fayemion his victory in the recently concluded governorship election in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

The votes of Ekiti electorate is a trust willingly given to your Excellency to lead them to a glorious, prosperous and socioeconomic emancipation of Ekitistate. We pray that God will guide you to bring dividend of democracy to the people of Ekiti.

Let me borrow the words of the National leader of All Progressives Congress,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who also is a respected Yoruba leader on his message to the Governor elect. Dr. Fayem, titled “A Victory for the People” he said, Ekiti is expecting governance of positive change for better, progressive, aggressive, developmental recovery,restoration and Ekiti values. The indicator of Ekiti votes point to one fact that the election that brought Dr Fayemi into the saddle of leadership of Ekiticame about because it was the will of the people of Ekiti as expressed and manifested in a free and fair election in Ekiti State. “Dr. Fayemi must keep in remembrance that the people have placed their futures in his safekeeping and he must justify their trust in him by doing all he can do to advance their welfare. I am confident that Dr. Fayemi will keep faith with the programmes and policies of the party that brought him to power in order to improve the lives of the people of Ekiti”.

At this juncture, I will also like to re-echo the congratulatory message of President MuhammaduBuhariand his charge to the Governor elect that “The Governor elect must be magnanimous in victory by accommodating all Ekiti people in the administration of Ekiti state and bring development to the door steps of Ekiti people in every nook and cranny of Ekiti land. DrFayemi is hereby enjoined to follow the words of President MuhammaduBuhari during his inauguration speech in 2015, “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”. The fact of this case is that the Governor elect must evolve an all - inclusive and inclusive administration in Ekiti state because Ekiti state is the only homogeneous state in Nigeria.Ekiti State is one. This God given status and constitution coming together of Ekitis should be annexed for immediate and accelerated human capacity building without towing the line of the past primitive, looting of the commonwealth of Ekiti in deceit, hatred and separatist attitude in governance of Ekiti.

We EkitiKetein the Diaspora today in South Africa acknowledges the fact that Dr. Fayemi will establish an all-inclusive government that involves, stakeholders, Civil servants and professionals for robust inputs in his administrationand in the governance of the state.We stand in Unison this day to charge the Governor elect to focus his administration on the 8 point campaign agenda the Governor elect presented to Ekitis during his rigorous campaign tours of every nook and cranny of Ekiti towns and villages. The Eight point agenda include: Health, Education, Roads, Transportation, Social Security Scheme, Employment, Agriculture Anti - Corruption war and Infrastructural Development.

We Ekitiparapo of South Africa Diaspora chapter sincerely want to join thousands of Nigerians in Diaspora all over the world to support Diaspora voting for Nigerians come 2019 Nigeria general election. INEC needs to set in motion immediately to make plans for Diaspora voting in the 2019 general election in Nigeria. Nigerians in the Diaspora have made huge economic contributions to the development of Nigeria interms of property development, industrial growth, trading and professional contributions to the socioeconomic growth of Nigeria. Diasporas must not be left out of scheme of things so as to add value to the three levels of government from Federal, State and Local Government level.

I request that the Government of Nigeria to engage Nigerians in Diaspora to fully engage them in making socioeconomic development at the three levels of governance in Nigeria. Nigerians in Diaspora has been making annual contribution of nothing less than N20 billion into the economic growth of Nigeria. I also callupon INEC to plan for Diaspora voting in 2019 general election in Nigeria. If 2019 is not realistic, then Diaspora voting by Nigerians must be vigorously pursued and implemented by Federal Government and INEC in 2023 general election. Time is ripe enough for the Federal Government of Nigeria to involve Nigerians in Diaspora in appointment in the three levels of governance in Nigeria.

EkitiKeteat this juncture expresses sincere appreciation for the performance of the Nigerian Ambassador Dr. Ibeto and the Consulate General MrAdama on the considerable improvement of giving due attention to Nigerians in South Africa. The Consulate General office in Johannesburg has drastically improved on the issuance of Nigerian International passport and other services which used to give Nigerians a lot of concern years back . We join other sociocultural groups and the Nigerian Union to encourage the Nigerian High Commission to step up proactive measures on the security and protection of Nigerian residents in South Africa.

It will be unfair to host this event without acknowledging the strides of the present administration of PresidentMuhammaduBuhari’sadministration policy on war against corruption which has become a pacesetter in Africa and developed world. Any people that eat their tomorrow today will live to pay the price of hunger, poverty and underdevelopment in future. We equally urge the Federal Government to put more efforts to end the senseless killings and clatches among herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria. The Nigeria military must not relent in its efforts to end the activities of Boko haram terrorisms, which is noticeably prevalent in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. Internal security and protection of Nigerians home and abroad must be guaranteed.

I want to end this message by calling on all Nigerians resident in host countries in the world to engage in legitimate businesses and respect the law of their host nations especially South Africa residents knowing fully well, that South Africa is a country where justice and rule of law are respected.

Before I end this address I will like to quote from the golden thoughts and nuggets as quoted“Dishonest and corrupt person has price to pay, while honest person has value to add to life. You can only add VALUE to life not PRICE of dishonesty” (Abe, 2018). Nigerians home and abroad must strive for honesty anywhere we are so that we can leave good legacy on the sand of historygreat value that will benefit generations to come. I also call on all African leaders to strive hard in providing honest leadership and reject corruption so as to make use of the God given natural and human resources endowed African nationsinstead of looking up to America, Europe and other developed nations of the world.“What will make Africa great is in Africa and is African people” (Abe, 2018).

Congratulations once again to the Governor elect Dr. OlukayodeJohn Fayemi, We pray for successful and productive administration and socioeconomic emancipation of Ekiti state under your administration as Governor of Ekiti state come 16th of October 2018.

Long live EkitiKete, long live Nigerian Community, long live Ekiti State of Nigeria, long live South Africa and long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Thank you and God bless you all
Dr. Abe OlusolaTaye (mrtb)
President,EkitiParapo, South Africa Diaspora chapter.